[MV] M725 found

Mark Johnson (mcj115@psu.edu)
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 18:36:52 +0000

Hello all,
Today I found a M725 (the ambulance version of the M715) in a junkyard in
impeccable condition. It was in great shape from what I saw. The 230 OHC
engine was still in place with the waterproof ignition system. The
interior was also in good shape too, the rear body did not look like an
ambulance but like a troop carrier because it appeared to have benches on
both side (but maybe these fold out to litters somehow). There even was a
small jump seat in very rear of the bed between the two doors. Seemed to be
no body rot at all, just some surface rust on the frame.
The bad of it. I assume it was not running, but could easily be made to.
There was no brake pressure at all, it seemed that all of the reflectors
were missing but the metal brackets were still in place. The instrument
panel was missing. Both mirrors need replaced, but the arms are there.
The seats need recovered. Looks to need new tires, but they hold air now,
three are NDT. The front bumper was bent on the driver's side a little.
Needs a new paint job the old OD is faded. The fire extinguisher is
missing, the bracket remains. There was a small rip, not a rust hole, in
the passenger's side floor about an inch long by a half-inch wide. It
would be a good project for somebody who wants an ambulance. It is
located in central Pa. The fellow at the desk of the junkyard said he
thought the owner wanted about $3500 for it. I don't need another project
now and don't have the $$$. It anyone wants the info on it email me.

Mark Johnson
1952 M38A1 (2)
1964 CJ6
1966 CJ5
and a 55 CJ5 wrecker setup for the 5 or 6
Harrisburg, Pa

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