Re: [MV] Military Vehicles, Machine Guns & Dynamite!

Jon Shoop (
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 03:55:53 -0500

Yes...will be delivering 2-B61 Nuke Training bombs at the shoot. And, I
will be set up right next to adjoining tables........

See Ya there.......


NRA Life

At 07:04 PM 10/5/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Military Vehicles, Machine Guns & Dynamite.
>Can it get any better than that!
> If any of you listers are within a days drive from Louisville,
>Kentucky you may want to check out the annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot.
> Although Primarily a Machine Gun shoot there is also a Military Vehicle
>Display (hence this post) in addition to a military gun show. There are
>also some vendors who sell MV parts, gun mounts and military radios (ask
>for Bob Masters and tell him I sent you) for your vehicles there. Usually a
>few mules for sale too. It's a great time as the shoot is Friday,
>Saturday and Sunday and is great fun to watch. Several guys shoot off
>their MVs and the cannon guys and flamethrowers add to the fun. On Sat and
>Sun they put out cars and tape dynamite to them! I think they have a web
>site at Or, do a search for Knob Creek Range.
> Plan to also see the Patton Armor Museum at Fort Knox which is just
>down the road from the shoot.
> I'll be shooting on spots #15 & 16 or at my tables in the center of
>the pole barn so stop by if you make it down there.
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