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Shawn Carver (
Wed, 06 Oct 99 23:17:04 PDT

Hello Mike,

I read with interest your post on the mil-veh list. I'm looking for a =
vehicle, but can't afford most of what I'm interested in (M35's, M151's, =

anything with a gun mounted on it!) Perhaps the SUMB would make
an affordable first MV. Unfortunately, I've heard many discouraging
things about trying to import into the US. Is there something about
the SUMB that will make it less "threatening" to the US government?
Have you had any success importing them?

On your 3 for 2 deal - is delivery included in the price? I live in Mich=
and am curious what it would cost to bring a vehicle here.

Finally, can you provide a source for more detailed technical specs,
dimensions, maximum speed, fuel capacity, etc? Thanks.

Shawn Carver
Bonjour list
Although I have followed all correspondence with interest for the las=
year, this is my first contribution. With over 30 years experience in
military vehicles of all types, we have been excited by the French army
disposals of excellent, hardly used SUMB 4x4 trucks and are now the UK's
largest distributor. We currently have about 30 SUMBs in stock and have
sold about 60 so far
with more coming in almost weekly. We are also breaking for spares and =
continually purchasing NOS spares. Also, we have the correct 1 ton SUMB
trailers - running on SUMB wheels and with full air brakes. One SUMB from
ourselves is already on the East coast and we are preparing six more also
for the East so we are looking for business on the West Coast.
We have worked out a 'buy two, get one free' deal of
three SUMBs in a 40ft container for $7,500. This will cover two low mile=
rust free SUMBS with good paintwork, 4 nearly new tyres and new spare, =
new batteries. Both vehicles fully serviced, checked and road tested =
in full running order ready to drive out of the container and go to work.
The third SUMB will be mechanically complete and in running order but wil=
be missing body parts and is intended as a spares donor for the other two=
thus overcoming one of the biggest fears for prospective owners of these
We have a long standing and wide experience of shipping material to =
States. Anyone wanting further information, please contact me direct on or hit the the 'SUMB' button on our website which =
be found at or in the dealer section on www.milweb.n=

Mike Stallwood. RR Services Ltd.

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