[MV] Dodge WC52 Winch Parts Wanted

Martyn Horsfall (blitz43@hotmail.com)
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 20:24:43 PDT

Hi List,
We've just managed to get a winch for our 1942 WC52 Dodge Weapons Carrier.
It is missing the winch drive shaft and the 2 pieces which fit between each
bumper and the angle piece that forms the front of the winch frame. From the
manual's diagram, it looks like these pieces also form a roller guide for
the winch cable. The 2 missing pieces are listed on page 168/169 of the
Dodge Truck 3/4-ton 4x4 Service Parts Catalogue (Part II, SNL G-502) as
and BRA-MU2-184L GUIDE.
We're also looking for a set of lids for the storage bins. Is there anyone
(preferably in Australia) who could help with these parts?

(South Australia)

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