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"Bob Heselberg" <> wrote:
> Does anyone know aftermarket numbers (like NAPA) for filters on
> 465 turbo motor. Oil, fuel and Air filters. Or a way of obtaining them
> Thank you Bob Heselberg near Elbe Wa.

Here's one of the responses I got off-list when I asked the same
question a few days ago. I haven't done any lube work or
filter-changing on my new M109A3 yet, so I have not yet verified any
of this information personally. I may post some cross-reference info
on my web page once I've been through this myself at least once.
Please share your results with the list!

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Oil filters: Definitely the throw-away type. I did quite a bit of research
and was able to cross what was in my truck to a few common make oil filters.
By the way, Mark at RAPCO, warned me about a guy who bought oil filters at a
farm supply store - same size filters, but he fried his engine using the
farm filters. (I subsequently emailed WIX - a division of DANA Corporation -
and they informed me no problem with their filters. They did caution that
some filter are "by pass filter" and that may have been the problem). WIX's
email is below.

WIX email:


"Our 51133 oil filter is a full flow oil filter. It has been in our product
line for about 40 years. For your information, Wix was the original
supplier to all the branches of the U.S. Military. We helped them create
and write the mil. spec. for this application. Your friend is probably
referring to the fact that there are some cartridge style filters out there
that are the same physical size as the 51133 and they are used on by-pass
style oil filter systems. The unique part of this is most filter media
could be used for either type of system with good results. Historically,
because by-pass systems on filter 10 percent of the oil at any one time,
depth type media has been used instead of cellulose paper.

Thank you for your inquiry and your continued interest in Wix Filtration


Here are the results of my filter number research:

There were Fleetguard LF509N oil filters in the engine when I bought it. I
crossed to a WIX 51133 and that is what I am using now. Other filters I
crossed to, but I have no idea how correct these are, but they crossed in a
few books:

Hastings LF219

Donaldson P550132

Motocraft FL-29

Fram CH-33PL,APL

AC Delco PF-889

I also found, if you wait a day or two before undoing the canisters, most
of the oil drains back into the block, with hardly any mess. If you unscrew
the canisters shortly after running the engine, get ready for a black, oily

David Doyle buys his filters from Memphis Equipment. Also, Mark at RAPCO
(near to where I live) has all the filters in stock. I just picked-up a set
of fuel filters from him. Mark's oil filters are GI issue, but indicate
something about WIX on the box.

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