Re: [MV] Another Gas Can Request

bdk (
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 23:25:39 -0700

If the "Blitz" can is the US style gas can with the threaded lid, Army
Surplus Warehouse has them advertised in the latest MV Magazine for $1.49-
"genuine GI made from heavy-duty rubber."

Their number is 208/529-4555 and they are located in Idaho Falls, Idaho (US
of A).

>Anyone know where I can buy replacement gaskets for my gas cans? They are
>the standard Blitz-type can. I have two old ones that are serviceable
>except for missing spout gaskets. Thanks.
>Gary Pavone
>ICQ# 5369101
>MVPA# 19394
>MCA# 43889

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