Re: [MV] MB jeep Serial Number Question

Todd Paisley (
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 11:05:54 -0400

> Off list to I would appreciate any data to add to my data
> base so as to help others in the future. Am interested in MB body tub
> numbers, and MB/GPW dash SN, frame SN (whether same or different), dates
> (preferably as stamped), engine SN, USA or WD numbers, any vehicle known
> history (user units, markings etc.) and name, address etc. of current

You might want to talk to Ron Fitzpatrick at He is
collecting data to put on his web page. Richard Grace and I have provided
our data like this to him to combine them into one big database to get a
more complete picture. Just a thought. I know how much work it is to
collect the data...

Todd Paisley

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