[MV] M38A1 starter questions; help please.

Mark McKee (omnitech@sound.net)
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:49:49 -0500

Just finishing up with body, frame and running gear restoration, and am
trying to start the engine. I know this jeep ran prior to my purchase, so
I'm not real worried about problems deep inside the engine.

I have two new batteries, all new cables, new wiring harness throughout, and
good solid ground. When I kick the starter, it sounds like it's not spinning
fast enough. I say this, having no frame of reference as to how fast it
should spin, or how it should sound. Best I can relay is that it sounds like
your car does when its really cold, you've let it sit outside all night and
they you try to crank it over.

Does this sound right, or might I be in need of a starter rebuild?

If it needs to be rebuilt, can any shop that specializes in this type work
handle a 24V starter? Or do I need to look for someone special?

In your experience, how much should a shop charge for rebuild work?

As always, your help is greatly appreciated. I can't wait till I get smart
enough on this thing to offer help, instead of just ask for it.


Mark McKee
'52 M38A1 (MD 22468)

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