Re: [MV] Mil Veh's in films

jonathon (
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 22:10:19 -0500

>I seem to remember also that the "star" truck in the original
>French Classic "Wages of Fear" was a WWII Dodge WC or maybe it
>was a deuce-and-a-half? Renaud, do you remember this?

Ahhhh, "Wages of Fear", in French wasn't it? I have only seen alittle of
it. But more importantly (for me english speaking type person) was the
remake of it called "Sorcerer" with Roy Sheider. One of my favorite
movies!!! They used a fleet of old beat up M211's and/or M135's as I
recall. The bridge scene was alittle to much but the rest of the driving
scenes were pretty good. The video is not easy to find in the US anyway but
I managed to buy one somewhere along the line.


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