[MV] Mil Veh's in films

Lars-Uwe Rudek (Rudek@shh-hamburg.de)
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 13:39:18 +0200

I have been interested in MB/GPWs (and other MVs)
in movies for a long time.

Obviously there are houndreds of war films where
one would obviously expect MVs to be shown.

However, even more interesting, I think, are other
films than war movies, which feature MVs. The list is
too long to quote and you see MVs in most unique settings.

I took part with my Jeeps in three German productions
sofar and one theatre performance. It is good fun
and the money helps to maintain the vehicles.

One outstanding swiss film featuring the Jeep is the

"DIE VIER IM JEEP" ( The four (guys) in the Jeep)
It is B&W and was filmed in Vienna in the late 1940ies
and was awarded many prices and awards at festivals.

It basically is a love story set in the time immidiately after
the war. Vienna was divided, like Berlin, in 4 Allied sectors.
The centre was patrolled by vehicles crewed by one Allied
representative MP each, e.g. Russian, French, British
and US American.

The Film is unique in many ways. All four soldiers
speak in their language or, e.g. the frenchman has
a heavy accent when talking english. The Germans
obviously speak german. To get it, the film is subtitled.
Thereby, you get the feeling what it was like in those
days among the four occupants of the Jeep and the
German civies.

Also, the ruins of destroyed Vienna are the real thing !

What also is quite funny is this story: when the film
was made. Vienna was still under Allied Government.
The authorities did not like the idea that actors would
drive around in an original military Jeep and with
correct uniforms on and would not give a permission.

To overcome this problem, the producers came up with
the following solution:
The Jeep was painted in a funny colour and the uniforms
were also tailored in red, pink, blue etc. As the film was
black and white and by choosing the right shades of the
funny colours, one could not notice the difference to
original OD, Khaki and green etc. of the original uniforms.

I would love to see a colour picture of the set !!!

Lars-Uwe Rudek
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