[MV] GPW clunk and other worries

Bob Kelly (rkelly@firstunion-reit.com)
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 09:30:42 -0400

Hi all,

I finally got my 1942 GPW home! It seems to be just fine except...

1) When in four wheel drive, and the wheel is turned to the left or right,
an uncomfortable clunking sound is made and seems to originate from the left
front wheel. It is not rubbing or anything and the farther you turn the
steering wheel, the more pronounced the sound gets. There is no problem at
all when in rear wheel drive mode. There is currently only one thin shim on
the axle retaining flange and when I had the wheel off to look at the wheel
bearings (look fine), and followed the instructions in the manual, it seemed
to me that more shims are needed. Maybe quite a few. Anyways, how many shims
are typically needed to adjust front axle end play? Is this the likely
problem or is it something more serious such as the rezeppa joint at fault?

2) The front springs are in sad shape. They are cosmetically cleaned up, but
are severely sagging and look as though they were corroded to a fair extent
before sandblasting and repainting. Are they candidates for replacement or
can a spring shop (which I wouldn't know where to look for one) re furbish
them? Where can one find servicable leaf springs (with the torque reaction
spring) for the front if they need replaced? The rear is in decent
servicable shape.

3). When I went to check the timing using my trusty Sears inductive timing
light (which lights adequately on 6 volts), I was unable to locate the
timing marks in the viewing window on the trans cover. I was indeed hooked
to the #1 cyl. (the front one). Any thoughts?

4). When running, I noticed a little "wiggle" of the distributor. Is this
normal? Doesn't seem like a good thing to me. It is not "missing" or
exhibiting any abnormal running conditiions.

5). The jeep has been rewired. Badly. Things work, but... If I were to get
one of those nifty reproduction wiring harnesses, would I need all of the
components such as radio suppression boxes, etc. for things to work ? Do the
harnesses come with the 2 and 6 post juction blocks? I don't have alot of
experience here.

6). general question... Do these things have stop lights?

7). Master cylinder sinks to floor until pumped once or twice. Then holds
pressure. Are there rebuild kits available? Is it even an easier fix than
that? Or does it need replaced?

Thank you all very much.

Bob Kelly

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