[MV] Obtaining title...

Bob Kelly (rkelly@firstunion-reit.com)
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 10:07:53 -0400

Hello all,

As I have already said, I finally brought my un - titled1942 GPW home. One
of the first things I did was to get insurance... JC Taylor had some
reasonable coverage and the restrictions can be lived with. The next thing I
did was call many local DMV offices to get an idea of what it would take to
get a title and registration. I am in Ohio by the way. I called the Ohio
State Registrar, they dont know anything of use and they forwarded me to the
State Highway Patrol. The "Statey" had a little bit of an attitude and
immediately told me that as the vehicle was purchased out of state, they
would have to inspect it. When I asked him for the inspect6ion "rules"
(thinking it was a roadworthiness inspection) he said that they wanted to
see if the vehicle was what I said it was and that I wasn't trying to "pull
one over on them" - his words. He then proceeded to tell me that although
they would have to inspect it, they wouldn't do it without a court order.
When I politely asked him for more information, which was difficult as the
guy really was pretty rude, condecending and not helpful (I practically had
to pry information out of him), he referred me to my local county
courthouse. At this point, I am starting to think "F**k it" and use an out
of state title service. After I calmed down a bit, I decided it wouldn't
hurt to find out a little more.

So I call the county courthouse. I get bounced around four or five times,
explaining my situation each time, until FINALLY, I connect to someone who
not only appears to know what he's talking about, but is extremely helpful
and forthcoming. This very professional and helpful individual actually
faxes me some old "Petitions to Obtain Motor Vehicle Title" with the County
Clerk as the Defendant and me as the Plaintiff. He also tells me it is
unlikely that I will have to have an inspection as the vehicle was never
titled or more importantly, registered in another state. He also told me how
to file my petition, gave me the examples I would need to put it in the
correct format, and told me I wouldn't need a lawyer if i did it the way he
told me. I had to attach a couple of notarized items, such as the bill of
sal and a statemnent by the seller that the vehicle was never registered in
the state onf North Carolina. The seller was very kind to have provided me
with these items and had them notarised.

So I prepared my very official looking petion to the court, made my
attachements, had it notarized and walked it over to the courthouse. I paid
my fee and await the decision of the court. I hope this works out smoothly
and without much hassle (I might get a refund of part of the $100 deposit
you have to make upon filing).

I need to wait five working days for a response. I will keep this kind list
informed as the rusty wheels of bureaucracy slowly turn.

I would be interested in hearing other people's experience obtaining a new
title (especially in Ohio).

Have a nice day,

B Kelly

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