[MV] M-37 update, milestones, and questions...

William R. Benson (Benson@eqe.com)
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 09:50:06 -0700

Hello List!

Last night was a milestone! After filling the radiator (it leaks),
changing the oil (it doesn't), hooking up two 12 volt batteries in series,
and gravity feeding a fuel line from an elevated fuel can down to the carb,
I am proud to announce that not only do I have a robust starter, but my
stock engine fired up quite readily. Unfortunately it only ran for about
two seconds until the fuel in the bowl was exhausted, and then crapped out,
but while it ran, it hummed. No clunks, bangs, thuds, shrieks of tortured
metal, no backfires, nothing out of the ordinary. My neighbor (the
mechanic) listened to this evolution and recommended that I try to either
feed into the line to include the fuel pump, or check out the entire fuel
line and gas tank and go ahead and use them. (What? Me use existing
equipment instead of MacGyvering some cockamamy Rube Goldburg rig? What a

Anyhow, I need the list's expert opinion on obtaining insurance for vintage
and historic vehicles. Who are the best folks to go through?


Where can I obtain a correct spotlight?

Does anybody have leftover or extra M-37-specific tools they don't use
anymore that they would be willing to get rid of?

Finally my website is down for maintenance and revision. I'll let you all
know when it's back up.

Semper Fi,


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