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Sat, 9 Oct 1999 12:00:19 +1000

Hello to all from Mike,
I may be wrong but I think the "Wages of Fear" film used a 6 Ton 6 X 6 White 666 or Corbit 50SD6 . ( Also built by Brockway and Ward La france ) Is this the film where they transport 2 truckloads of Nitro - Glycerine along bumpy roads and one truck explodes along the way ? I think the other truck was a 42 Ford

Another good MV film is " Ice Cold in Alex " starring John Mills and Anthony Quayle . Early in the film , a Humber 4 X 4 Heavy Utility staff car is seen with the roof removed to make a tourer . ( Common practice in Nth Africa ) The plot involves 2 soldiers and a nurse using a Austin K2 / Y Ambulance to escape across the desert from the advancing Germans . If you look closely , you will notice in some scenes the Austin is actually 4 X 4 . A modification done by the film makers to help the dear old Austin traverse the difficult sand dunes . The Austin does appear to be 4 X 2 in other scenes so they may have used more than one truck . In one of the last scenes you will notice a bad editing mistake , a Landrover in the background !!! I think the film was made in Libya around 1958 before Mr Gadaffi took control .

For 3/4 Ton WC Dodge Weapon Carrier fans : A film made in 1944 called " The story of Dr Wassell " I have a colour copy of this . It stars Gary Cooper and Its about a US Navy doctor and Navy personel trying to escape from Java during the Japanese invasion. They use a Dodge WC to escape along a road being shelled . Great scenes of the Dodge driving through rough terrain with about ten people in the back., Also a Jeep dives off a bridge into a ravine tipping over . Apparently they didnt need Jeeps very badly at this stage of the war !!!

Another one for Dodge Fans . A Film made around 1941/42 called "Parachute Battalion " starring Alan Ladd . It was made on a actual wartime training base and in this film you will see a few shots of the very rare VC model 4X4 pickups . They are only fleeting glimpes but better than nothing . Also some 1/2 ton WC command cars are seen . Alan Ladd becomes romanticaly involved with the daughter of the base CO .

For GMC DUKW fans . " Francis joins the Navy " made in 1950's .. The talking mule has big adventures in a DUKW with his friend ( Cant think of his name , Donald something ?? )

bye from Mike in OZ

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