Re: [MV] M38A1 Ignition AND M series question
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 09:32:42 EDT

HEY GUYS, do all the M series Coils interchange, and are any of them hotter
than the rest?
Hi Mark,
you should'nt see 24 at the center point of the coil, so it'might be starting
to go bad. When the points are open you will see voltage on the negative
terminal of the coil, but I forget how much. nope, working on the points
with voltage on them won't hurt the coil. it's VERY possible that the
negative lead is shorting out and grounding somewhere before the points and
causing the coil to have high current flow through it - causing it to
overheat without giving you a spark because the points never open to allow
the field to collapse. That's what I'd check first, plus cleanliness of the
coil top, etc.
See, the 24 goes in one terminal of the coil, and the other is supposed to
be grounded through the points. when the points open, the primary 24v field
collapses and the secondary field pops up to 20,000 volts or so, leaping out
the top center coil terminal (called the high tension lead) out to the
distributor cap and to the cylinder needing a spark at that time. do you
have another mv or an mv buddy to loan you one, instead of buying one? and
any m series coil will fit, don't rush out to get an M38A1 50 year old coil.
A new one from a mutt should fit fine. HOWEVER...... on a vehicle that
hasn't run lately, so many things can give you coil problems initially. You
know, it's pretty easy to remove the whole assembly and work on it on a
bench, taking the usual precautions to mark the housing where the gear teeth
and rotor point. Mike in VA

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