[MV] MV's in the movies....Video War and Peace Show now out!!! See what you missed.....

NIGEL HAY (Nigelhay@tanksrus.freeserve.co.uk)
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:12:04 +0100

Greetings movie goers everywhere.

Good news the video of the 1999 War and Peace Show is now available from one
of Europe's leading special interest video makers.

Having just watched my review copy, I have to say it's first class, a
professional job, featuring 60 mins of high quality footage with an
interesting commentary. Major features include the LRGD vehicles,
re-anactors, German armour, tanks of all types in action, Viet Nam displays
and ww2 dioramas plus a wide selection of arena events plus lots of scenes
of the vast event that is unquestionably the worlds largest military vehicle
event. The video takes a tour around the site showing all the aspects of the
event, climaxing in the only M60 Abrahams in private hands on the loose+ACE-

If you didn't make the event, the video will make you book your holiday for
2000. (July 19th 023rd ...5 days of fun+ACEAIQ-)

It's in PAL or NTSC format and costs just +AKM-12.99 a copy. Postage to UK is +AKM-2
(multiple copies +AKM-3 all in)
Postage to Europe +AKM-3 single copies (+AKM-1.50 additional copies)
North America etc +AKM-5 single copy, +AKM-3 additional copies.

So, as you rush to buy it, it's available from 3 sources.....

War and Peace Show Office Rex+AEA-warandpeace.uk.com (0044) 1304 813128 fax
(0044) 1304 812422

PO box 46, Isle of Man,
UK, IM99 1DD

Tel (0044) 1624 640000
Fax (0044) 1624 640001

or the IMPS Club Shop

(0044) 1843 290799


Enjoy it+ACE-

Regards, NIGE


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