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Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:28:34 -0500

Now this is what I call the best answer to Jims problem with the MVPA Board I will be sending my dues and do the same as TIM and get new members to vote out this bunch who do not hold the best intrest of our hobby.They want to keep there jobs for some unknown reason maybe we can find this out.

Tim Clark wrote:

> jim gilmore wrote:
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> > Jack Lee and list members,
> >
> > I see that your open letter is addressed to the MVPA Board of Directors by way of the mil-veh list. I would like to point out that e-mails posted on this list, while being downloaded by MVPA HQ, have not been distributed to the full Board of Directors. According to two of the Directors I have spoken to about this, none of the e-mails that have been sent to the MVPA HQ have been relayed to the Board members.
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> >
> > I say this here so that Jack Lee and others that want to make their voices heard to the MVPA Board realize that unless you WRITE and MAIL a letter ADDRESSED "to the Board of Directors" (via MVPA HQ) it may not be taken seriously and may not be forwarded to each them.
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> > As an aside, One of the Directors who is on the "right to run" side of the election controversy has asked me to post a question.
> >
> > Has anyone written a letter about the controversy (pro or con) and sent it to the Board of Directors, care of MVPA HQ?
> >
> > He is concerned that he may not have received copies of any such letters. If so, please contact me off list about it. I would also be interested in knowing if any list members have received ANY response from the MVPA to their letters/e-mails.
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> > PLEASE NOTE; This posting should in no way be taken as a complaint about the job the hard working staff (Kay, Krystel and Tracy) at MVPA HQ do their job. They are the true backbone of the Association and without all their hard work the MVPA could not function!
> >
> > " Remember Lee, every MVPA member was once a non-member"...... Jim Gilmore to MVPA President.... 8/5/99
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> > --Jim
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> Not to undully reopen a major controversy, but I think all should follow
> suit with similar letters. I have sent the following letter to be
> forwarded to all members of the MVPA Board. Jim Gilmore, please note
> it's taken a while but I finally had time to write.
> MVPA Board of Directors:
> Unlike a lot of other members who are planning on not renewing due to
> your tyranical ways, I am enclosing my renewal check because by
> remaining a member I can work as hard as I possibly can to recruit new
> members who will vote you out.
> Your treatment of Mr Jim Gilmore was not only high-handed but
> inexcuseable and dishonorable........I will be glad to see those of you
> who do not want fresh faces or new and progressive ideas, out of our
> organization.
> I also take great umbrage at the By-Law provisions you installed to
> prevent any proposals or changes not to your liking.
> Requiring a burdensome cash bond is unconsionable and should be enough
> by itself to show how dedicated you all are to keeping your perks of
> office and not allowing any ideas or people in who are not members of
> your little boy's club, aka, the Board.
> If you cannot stand associating with someone who does not follow your
> own smalltime vision of the MVPA as your own sandbox, you should resign
> since you obviously do not have the organization's growth and
> advancement as your purpose.
> I look forward to years of membership without people like you in charge.
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