[MV] Beltring

Tue, 12 Oct 1999 13:31 +0000

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 19:23:40 +0700
From: Gavin Broad <invest@portsmouth-mann.com>
To: mil-veh@skylee.com
Subject: [MV] Beltring rules.

>Esteemed Listers,

Looks like I'm going up in the world :-)

>Prior to going to Beltring, I got my "rules" and they were >widely
>disseminated in the magazines as well. I noted - even just
>through - the rules about uniforms that you are not entitled >to.
>just about the whole place was packed with people wearing
>uniforms that
>they were not entitled to and they even manned the gate >and
club shop!
>Where do you draw the line? Reenactors wearing >completely
>uniforms would look ridiculous. Some people will be >offended
by certain
>uniforms and that is inevitable and difficult to police. The

How do you know they are not entitled to wear the uniforms. Are
you going to stand an MP on the gate and ask everyone for proof
before allowing them into the showground...... of course not.......

>behaviour at Beltring that I saw was a bunch of guys >outside
the beer tent
>in '70's and '80's British army gear. Thugs to a man and no
>two ways about it.

But they could still be entitled to wear the uniforms, could they
not ?

I would agree that only those entitled to wear badges of rank and
other such decoratons wear them but it's a simple matter of how
to police it...... Any volenteers I am sure Rex would love to know:-

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