[MV] Re; Red/blue light on antique vehicles

Jaime A Ponce de Leon (jaimepdl@elp.rr.com)
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:18:29 +0000

And heres even more information reguarding this, most of it applies in
Texas, but can be used elsewhere.

In Texas, when a surpus municipal vehicle is auctioned off in useable
condition, it must be sold to a clearing house, where the buyer is checked
for use of these equipment,
Second, in most of the cases, in most states, (nt texas) a permit must be
issued to the DEPARTMENT for the mere display of these lights, as well as

In Texas, (Quoted directly from the lawbooks) " a flashing red light facing
foward is restriced to: emergance vehicvles, school busses, church busses,

A blanket permit is issued to the department, and in the case of volunteer's
personal vehicles, those plate#'s are kept on file.

In most cases, a copy of this permit is required for the sale of the

TAMSAR will provide a copy of its permit if we buy anyone's surplus, I dont
care WHO we buy it from (a person, a buisness, a city, state, county,
whatever) but i will gfive you a copy of this permit, just because I want to
avoid any issues.

Sorry for this semi off topic post, but i was staring at a black wire from a
CUCV when i wrote it.

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