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Lithium grease is better stuff. My NG shop friends recommend it over GAA for
bearings and the driveline. I like the premium red because you can tell when
you have displaced the old grease, especially in the driveline "U" joints. I
generally grease my driveline about every 500 miles, or before a long trip.
Sounds a bit excessive but after pounding on a blown U joint 1000 miles from
home against a curb, because the schlunks at a nearby shop wouldn't do it,
yah, I can spend 15 minutes under there, fore shure. It also gives you a
chance to look for loose bolts ( check your drive shaft bolts because they
have a nasty tendency to come loose ) and any defects.

But what do I know?

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Subject: [MV] GAA grease

>Next in my series of possibly-dumb questions about civilian
>equivalents for things with military names:
>Can I use plain NLGI #2 lithium grease in my M109A3 wherever my LO
>tells me to use "GAA"? I vaguely recall somebody posting a long time
>ago that GAA is just plain cheap grease, and that the civilian lithium
>stuff is much better. My truck is straight out of military service;
>should I clean out all of the old GAA before replacing it with the
>civilian stuff?
>Are there any applications where I need to use the fancier black
>molybdenum disulphide grease? In my civvy truck, there's one joint
>where I need to use that stuff, and everything else uses the plain
>lithium stuff.
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