[MV] red lights, emergency lights, etc.

Wed, 13 Oct 1999 00:30:48 -0500 (CDT)

In my many years of dealing with HMV's I think one lesson that I've
learned stands out above all the rest. The EXCEPTION is just as likely
to be true as the RULE.

Flamers abound who in brazen AROGANCE try to tell us how things ALWAYS
are, and, as many have shown on the "emergecy light"
subject, flamers are often MISTAKEN! Take a stroll through a Military
Vehicle salvage yard and you'll quickly see how the EXCEPTION is quite

I own several HMV's, and I appreciate that each of them possess some
UNIQUE quality that makes them E XCEPTIONS!

And in life in general, most of us learn as we grow to adulthood that
the RULES often have to be viewed with some meaure of COMMON

Perhaps some of our flamers should be a little more understanding.

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