[MV] Dodge T223?

Wed, 13 Oct 1999 21:44:39 EDT

Today while working on an M37, I happened to notice some sort of metal
tag fastened to the right side of the engine just below the manifolds. I got
real curious and slid under the truck for a closer look. I discovered a bigger
tag next to the other one. After I cleaned it off I could see the print, but
in a foreign language, maybe French. Has Arabic Numerals and show that
the crank has been cut. Cylinders might be bored out. The engine has a
dry paper air filter assembly on it. A special factory made adapter is
mounted on the intake "gooseneck" using the original four bolt holes. The
tube that the air cleaner sits over is way shorter than the oil bath one. The
left side of the block, up towards the front of the block is a serial number.
It starts out T-223. I thought M37 motors were of a different number, like
T-245? All of the glove box door data plates were cut off prior to being
painted a glossy od. The paint job being part of the cosmetic restoration.
Anybody out there familiar with the air filter assembly and T223? It has
a B-1 shift lever. No spare tire mount, but the holes are in the bed for one.
The rebuild date is 1962(?) I can't quite make out the last digit.
Joe Young

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