Re: [MV] How to plug oil filter on GPW

T. Hintopoulos (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:07:32

At 02:09 PM 10/12/99 -0400, Bob Kelly wrote:
>I have read in the All American Wonder Vol 1, that a certain individual
>recommended blocking off the inlet to the oil filter. He stated that because
>of the bypass type flow, this was an inefficient system and might actually
>take oil volume away from main bearings, etc. I was curious to see if anyone
>has actually done that.

Hello Bob:

The oil filter does indeed run in parallel to the bearings, etc. Not
in series with the oil pump, as in modern vehicles.

Yes, there has been oil starvation issues at the forward most main and the
#1 rod bearing. In the later CJ3 shop manuals, it is stated to braze close
the oil injector that is between the timing gears, then redrill a .030"
hole. You will probably find that the hole size is .060" or larger.

This MOD also applies to the MB/GPW, CJ2, CJ2A, and early CJ3As with the
chain arrangement. Later models went to the smaller nozzle.

As to the oil filter, a good oil resiliant gasket under the cap, in the grove
there, hasn't given me any problems.

Please, do not remove the filter. The system does work even though
it is only a partial flow.

In my case, I change oil every 2K-3K miles. Oil pressure and cleanliness
has not been a problem. Bearing wear at tear downs have been very good.

(Many centuries ago, I didn't properly seat that gasket and had some splatter.
I was able to quickly kill the motor.)

Ted H.

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