[MV] free oil filter gasket

jim gilmore (jgilmore@oeonline.com)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 12:31:15 -0500

Bob wrote,
>Thanks to the massive level of response of useful information and helpful
>opinion, I have decided that it will be best to find a new gasket for the
>lid, as that continues to be a very slight problem despite proper seating
>and tightness.

Humm.......you said "a gasket". Are you aware that there are two
gaskets to be changed when you change your filter? One is the big gasket
and the other is the small metal gasket that goes under the bolt that holds
down the lid. Looks like a spark plug gasket and these are not included in
most of the modern filter kits. These small gaskets are hard to find but
I have some available. They are FREE to members of this list. You must
hurry as I have less than 9,000 left !! These also fit Dodge's and other

Now, to get these FREE cover bolt gaskets while they last you MUST;

Send me a letter with a stamped , self-addressed envelope inside. I
will then send you back several of these cover bolt gaskets FREE. Also,
if these are for a WW II jeep, note if you have a GPW or a MB. Yes, there
is a difference in the appearance of these and I don't want to be
responsible for you loosing points at the next convention!

Remember, I only have 9,000 of these left.

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