Re: [MV] M151a2 u-joint axle
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 14:10:32 EDT

In a message dated 14/10/99 17:00:06 GMT Daylight Time,

<< Also, what are the
differences in the front and rear propeller shafts? I can't tell a big
difference between the two. Thanks all. >>

Bob...... I can tell you that the wheel-drive shafts are interchangeable
front-to-rear and side-to-side. Just make sure that the "thick" part of the
shaft ALWAYS goes towards the DIFFERENTIAL.
The UJs on the front and rear PROPELLOR shafts are not interchangeable with
the WHEEL-DRIVE shafts and the needles are different, too. Don't mix 'em up.

I will also be interested to know if the UJs have a civilian equivalent.
I do know that the needle rollers and crosses are the same as those used on
the MB/GPW propshaft, but the end caps are different (well, two of them are).


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