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Davan Winch (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 19:58:28 +0100

I would agree that only those entitled to wear badges of rank and
other such decoratons wear them but it's a simple matter of how
to police it...... Any volenteers I am sure Rex would love to know:-

I can understand how people feel about this, but most people in living
history take a lot of time and effort to ensure they are doing the best they
can to accurately wear the uniform they have.

My team is particularly proud that we have gain the recognition of the
regiment we portray, which means the wearing of rank that we have no
military right to but is needed to ensure that the way we operate is in
accordance with our aims.

I appreciate we may be regarded by some as slightly different in that we are
an Educational Charity, but I know all other good societies are making the
same or greater endeavours.

I have no arguments about medals and decorations, the veterans earned them
and for us to use them could only be seen as belittling them.

Most veterans are not offended by a living history group that takes time to
be as accurate as they can be (accepting we all get it wrong from time to

Davan Winch
Chairman, WW2 Display Team
Registered Educational Charity No 1065760


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