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Antoine (
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Thanks for the info. I live in California 90% of the time: I
guess I should make that clear in my signature! But my MB is in
Normandy, in dire need of TLC, since nobody in my family has any
interest in anything that reminds them of these dark years...
Reliability is what I am after, so that I can at least ask some
"lay person" to get it fired up avery couple of months or so...
I am tired of having to spend between $400 and $1000 every time
the Jeep stays unmolested for more than three months...
I have read on several documents culled from the Web that the
original 6V starting system will work fine under 12 volts. Big
ticket expenses are the genny and the regulator, all the rest is
relatively inexpensive, and the wiring (heavier gauge for 6v
than needed for 12v) can stay as is... Bulbs are a simple
matter, though the sealed units for the service and black-out
tail lights are harder to find in 12 volts. The French Army had
conversions allowing the use of regular 12v bulbs in the round
tail light housings.
What is the recommended amperage for a 12v battery for the jeep?
Sherman Oaks, California

43 Willys MB
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Harley-Davidson 42 XA (x2)
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> Antoine
> I assume you live in France. If you do, I believe that the
M201 Hotchkiss is 12 volt and will have everything that you
need. If not, I can help you. When I purchased my MB it was
already converted to 12 volt. My jeep has a generator and
regulator from a 1961 Ford Falcon. You can use an alternator,
but it doesn't look right. Use a ballast resistor from a 1960's
vintage Chrysler product on your original coil. The headlights
are # GE 4000. The 6V starter will work fine. The 6V headlight
switch seems to be working fine. Obviously all of the smaller
bulbs will have to be swapped out. If you need these numbers,
let me know. The ammeter, oil psi and water temp gages will work
fine. I have not hooked up my gas gage yet, but I believe it
will need a 12 to 6 volt converter. You could also buy a 12 volt
gas gage. I was able to hide my 12 volt regulator inside of a
burned out 6V housing to make it look original. The purists will
give you grief, but I prefer 12 volt reliability.
> ---- you wrote:
> > Does anyone on the list knows of a good source of technical
> > and needed part numbers and sources for a "proper"
> > from 6volts to 12 volts? (Willys MB "Hybrid" bought from the
> > French Army Surplus in 1978)
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Antoine
> >
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> > 43 Willys MB
> > 43 MBT Trailer
> > Harley-Davidson 42 WLA
> > Harley-Davidson 42 XA (x2)
> > MVPA #14803, MVCG France
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