Re: [MV] M A N 630 L2A Koffer

Andreas Mehlhorn (
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 11:35:10 +0200

Randy Bauer schrieb:
> I'm looking for information on the MAN 630 5 ton trucks.

The MAN 630 L2 A truck was the standard 5 ton (payload) truck
of the German Bundeswehr for many years.
7656 of them were built with Kofferaufbau (box body).
Now virtually all of them were sold surplus.

A friend of mine owns one with Koffer (box) and uses it as camping
van when he drives to MV events.

Note that the type 630 L2 A, which came most times with Kofferaufbau
(box body) has dual tires on the rear axle, no power steering and the
headlamps are on top of the front bumper.
The standard version 630 L2 AE came only with cargo bed and canvas
cover and has single tires on all wheels, a power steering and the
headlamps are integrated in the front bumper.

If you are interested, I can forward you some pictures and the address
of the owner.

Original technical manuals are available sometimes but they are written
in German. So improve your German...

Best regards from Germany

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