[MV] Huey at Jakes

Sun, 17 Oct 1999 21:30:10 -0400 (EDT)

Hi List,

I thought that my axe and shovel were really neat accessories for my MB. But today at GPA MVHS's Flea market and MV rally in Pennsylvania, I saw the ultimate MV accessory. A duece and a half came in towing a Huey helicopter. My son was on the Huey as soon as it came to rest. Unfortunately the helicopter was a little bit wider than the PA turnpike's toll booth and lost a tail stabilizer on the way thru. I parked my MB beside a near perfect Slat Grill and quickly realized that I have a long way to go on my restoration project. Fortunately on the drive to the show I got behind a 1958 Chevy that was going 40 MPH, This made it look like I was not holding up traffic like I usually do. I picked up a couple of trinkets for a good price and came home to find that all of the digital pictures I took were bad, so I went back in time to see the helicopter leaving. I got some more pics, but I really wanted the duece with the chopper blades appearing to come up thru the top of the truck in a!
head on shot. I was going to come up with an airborne attack duece and a half story for that one. Oh well, maybe next year.

Dave Fillman
45 MB

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