[MV] Mil-Veh Upgrade Proposal

MV List Admin (postmaster@skylee.com)
Mon, 18 Oct 99 03:11:30 -0700

Mil-Veh Members:

Some of you may recall that about six weeks ago I suffered a server
crash that brought skylee down for a day. List traffic was delayed,
but I am thankful that it appears no data was lost. The machine
has been generally stable since then, though I have had to reboot
a couple of times (very unusual for a UNIX machine).

Since then, I have received many messages of support and concern
from members, and with their help I have devised a plan to make the
list self-supporting. Rest assured that, if my proposal is successful,
the list will remain free and open. After a brief changeover, you
should simply see an improvement in services. You can read my
proposal at http://www.skylee.com/mv-upgrade/ but please do not
discuss it via the list. If any of you would like to talk about it
publically, let me know and if there are enough of you I will set
up a separate list for that. I will be out of town until Friday,
attending the DV Expo in Long Beach, California, and it is unlikely
that I will be able to even check my e-mail, let alone answer any,
but I'll try to get back to you over the weekend.

To those of you who have already aided me in my efforts to improve
the list, I give you my sincere thanks, and I will be talking to
each of you when I get back with an update and projection.

Mil-Veh List Admin

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