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Mike wrote;
>I guess there was a 5 ton locomotive (draw bar pull).
>It just seemed to small even to move cars in a yard
>thinking it was the weight of vehicle (instead of draw
>bar pull).....

The 5 ton designation is NOT the draw bar pull. It is the weight of
the locomotive. The Fate-Root-Heath Company was located in Plymouth, Ohio.
They were/are a major producer of small industrial type locomotives. These
were sold under the trade name "Plymouth" and most are so marked on the
radiator shroud (front) of the locomotive. While 5 ton seems to be very
small, these types of engines were made as light as 2 1/2 tons. The Army
used such 5 ton engines at several Camps and Forts (bases) which had their
own light railways. Fort Dix and Fort Benning both had extensive 60 cm
gauge railways that used small locomotives including Plymouths. These
railways ran up until about 1946.
Some of this 60 cm equipment was located at one time in Martensdale, Iowa.

I didn't get a picture yet, and
>would like to see one if anyone has one.

In my digging in the National Archives I found several photos of
small Army locomotives from the WW II time period. Being a railroad nut as
well as a MV one I made copies of them. I'll look in the stacks of
photocopies and see if I have a photo of this loco.

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