Re: [MV] Strange looking BO Driving light with guard

Glenn Goodman (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:57:01 -0600

You may very well be right. I just went out to get a closer look at mine =
and it's exactly like the one listed on e-bay. I could get the numbers =
off it and pass them on, if that would help any. Now I'm really curious =
about this, since the guy I bought the jeep from told me everything on it =
was original. Maybe not?
I've never noticed, but the pictures in the service manual do show the =
blackout light to be round on the back, The one I have is more of a =
sideways tear drop shape. Hmmm?!? Thanks for the note.

>>> "keats" <> 10/18/99 03:34PM >>>

> That looks like the one I have on my '53 M38A1. As far as I know it's

> The picture on eBay shows an interesting "anomaly" :
> or a connector? .com>.
I don't think this light is for a vehicle much before the mid fifties, due
to the rubber waaterproof connector seen on the backside in the picture. =
don't know when the change over was from the metal DOUGLAS connectors to
the rubber ones, so if someone has that info, it may start the dating of
this light. Most M-38 and M-38A1 ights were round inthe back, this light
looks more modern, M151 perhaps.

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