[MV] Re: Silicone Brake Fluid

Dean L. Kellogg, Jr (kelloggd@uthscsa.edu)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 10:45:49 +0100


You can fine silicone fluid at NAPPA, but you may need to order it and they
are not cheap. The cheapest source I found was "Autokrafters"...a mail
order place. I ordered it through their web site
Their on-line order system was a bit strange, but it worked. As far as I
know the mil and civilian stuff is the same. Silicone fluid is originally
dyed purple, but the purple color is lost over time.

I have changed my jeep over to silicone and am doing it on an old Volvo
now. It sems ok, but may take a few bleedings as it has a tendency to hold
onto small bubbles (which is one reason why it is not recommended for
modern vehicles with ABS).

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