Re: [MV] Temperature Sensor on MB/GPWs

Buzz (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 16:37:17 GMT

The same thing happened to me several years ago. I used a small hack saw=
blade to
cut a wedge out of the pipe. You're going to have to guesstimate the =
thread depth
of the pipe but close will do. Then use a center punch to knock out the =
wedge and
collapse the remaining piece of pipe. If you nick the threads in the =
block use
pipe thread dope when you insert the bulb.
I usually use brass fittings when mating to cast iron or steel that way =
less likely hood that the two will rust together.
Good luck,

----------------------------- SNIP ------------------------------
However, the pipe fitting (nipple) sheared off. I plan
>to take it to a machine shop, and have it to drilled out and retaped or =
>necessary get a heli-coil (spelling?) installed.

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