[MV] XM722 dolly set pictures (FS)

Jim (w7ls@blarg.net)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 22:31:38 -0700

Hi. I finally got a picture uploaded to the web of the dolly set I have
for sale. I had to swear in Greek to get it to upload. Tried several
languages, but Greek did the trick. $500 and you pick it up. Looks to be
in very good shape. Everything is there and works. It would make a dandy
lowboy trailer if you added a longish platform between the ends. It's
made to separate and affix to each end of a custom container or shelter.
The two ends each have a hydrolic ram and manual pump to move the wheels
up and down. You affix it to one end of the container or platform, and
then operate the hydrolics, thereby lifting the container or platform up
off the ground. Neat. I just have no need for it.
It has a pintle hitch on the steerable tongue. The tires are
virtually new and are 8 ply. There is a spare, as well.
You can see it (hopefully) at

As you are typing in the url or just clicking on the blue stuff up
there, holler 'SCATA!" at the top of your lungs. Hey, works for
me...... ;-)

By the way, scata is Greek for human sewage.

Jim Hossack in Duvall, WA (25 miles east of Seattle or so)

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