[MV] Another correction Schwimmwagen Photo web

Andreas Mehlhorn (a.mehlhorn@t-online.de)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 16:20:10 +0200

Raimondo L. Torelli schrieb:

> Aaaargh! Wrong, this time is my fault! Apologies to the List!!
> Here is the correct one:
> http://personales.conexion.com.py/~rolgiati/kubel/keubel15.jpg
> Sorry!
> Keep Them Rolling!
> Raimondo - M.V.P.A.

And another mistake! The last word must be "kuebel" and not "keubel"!

Now the completely correct url:


This one really works. Cut it out and paste it into your browser window.

For information relating the Schwimmwagen have a look at the
DISG Homepage (the German Schwimmwagen club):


Best regards from Germany

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