Re: [MV] Silicone Brake Fluid - About Dean's comment.

Alan Bowes (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 09:31:53 -0600 wrote:

> I have an article from the Bendix Brakes Techline that says that Silicone
> fluid, when "shocked" by the rapid pulsating of the hydraulic control valves
> in ABS systems will aerate the fluid.
> Darryl

That's interesting. Perhaps it is due to the larger amount of dissolved gas in
the fluid, or that the fluid is closer to its saturation level in terms of
dissolved gas? I would think that tiny cavitation bubbles from the
negative-pressure component of a pressure waves would almost instantaneously
collapse again in the positive-pressure component, but maybe not. However, I'm
not a fluid engineer, so I'm just speculating.

Alan Bowes

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