[MV] M38A1 front end shimmy?

Mark McKee (omnitech@sound.net)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 20:41:35 -0500

New coil and condensor put me back in business. A couple of adjustments to
the carb and all was running well. But ......

On a loop around the block, I slowed the jeep coming uphill to a stop sign.
As I was in the 15 mph range (and slowing) a reasonably violent shimmy
started in the front running gear. Assuming this isn't normal, what causes
this, and how can I correct it?

Wheels are civilian 15" and tires are less than stellar. Front end has not
been professionally aligned, just eyeballed as close as I could get it.

As always, your input is valued and appreciated.

Mark McKee
'52 M38A1

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