Re: [MV] DRMO Auctions--The End?????

islander (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 09:50:24 -0400

>And of course, let's remember that this is our tax dollars. If the system
>gets more back, it's good for all of us.

What I hope happens is that this acts as an incentive to get more of this
stuff out of storage and into our hands quicker. After seeing a 60
Minutes special some years back I have come to understand what a HUGE
packrat our military is. Unfortunately this storage costs US taxpayers
millions of dollars each year. Seeing isles of hospital gowns that have
been there for 40 years, not being used because they didn't have the
right fasteners!!, was a little hard to accept as being the wisest use of
our hard earned money. Yeah, I know I should be used to it... :-)

Here's hoping that the new deal actually is a win-win deal.


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