[MV] Mr. Bailey and his Bridges.

Bruce Gilbert (b.gilbert@uws.edu.au)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 13:41:41 +1000

Just because Bailey Bridges are several !! decades old, it does not mean
that there are out of existance.

In New South Wales, Austalia, our local government and/or Roads and
Traffice Authority use single/single Bailey panels to throw up (using
cranes, not manual labour) overhead pedestrian walkways over roads in local
suburbia to save the locals being cleaned up by speeding vehicles.

Panels are also regularly used to route cable, ducting, etc over busy
roads. Photos available if requested.

Having put together the odd one or two Baileys (Single/single,
single/double and double/double), I have dreaded the situation during a
night exercise, when struggling with 5 others in holding a panel place
during assembly, to hear the exclamation "@#$%^@@, I just dropped the $%@#*
'ing pin !!".

This is possibly an off-topic item, but I bet I jog a few memories. Also,
trucks have the round weight signs, which often related to a particular
species of Baileys, and other bridges.

Bruce in Sydney
(Australain Army Reserve Engineers, first truck driven was a 1942
Studebaker 6X6.


At 22:23 21/10/99 -0400, Geoff Winnington-Ball wrote:
>How about a Class 5 Bailey Bridge? Anyone? There's an original northeast
>of Toronto, but dammitall, it's still being used as a bridge... :-)
>Geoff Winnington-Ball
>Zephyr, Ontario, Canada
>Maple Leaf Up - The Canadian Army Overseas in WW2
>Lars-Uwe Rudek wrote:
>> Does anyone know about a complete, original WWII US
>> military pontoon bridge in the hands of a private collector ?
>> Perhaps various collectors have components adding up
>> to a complete bridge ?
>> Is anyone aware of something like that is on offer ?
>> It has to be of WWII vintage or at least design !
>> Our group came up with the "funny" idea to make it
>> part of a MV event / camp one day...the idea was
>> rejected as too ambitious and too hard to organize...
>> But I just wonder if it really would be too complicated
>> and if the thing is available somewere...or if it might
>> has been done already somewhere some time....
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