Re: [MV] Fw: MVPA right to censorship

jonathon (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 21:34:06 -0500

>Clearly by any test of the current U.S. law, the MVPA is not restricted from
>observing conversation on our chat as it is a public arena and using same
>however they wish.
>Many of you have reached that conclusion based on just common sense, however
>it is actually an issue raised in court on a regular basis. Typically this
>involves the legality of a "search and seizure" where a cop has obtain some
>sort of incriminating evidence and the defense is trying to suppress that
>evidence. The bottom line is does Internet chat in a public chat room enjoy
>a reasonable expectation of privacy?

This all may be true but this is not what I am getting at. As someone
earlier said, you grow to expect that anything and everything you say on the
net can and will be monitored at some point. This is not about a right of
privacy or anything like that. My concern with what is going on with the
MVPA and anyone else that has posts forwarded to them and then uses the info
as if it were sent to them directly or as if it was some public 'for the
record' type of statement is that we cooperate in this listserv and the
information exchanged is for our benifit alone. That's not saying there is
anything wrong with those that look but never post, it's that fact that
peoples comments are being taken off the list and used for 'other' purposes
by individuals/entities that do not participate in the list.

I just hope that we don't find individuals memberships being cancelled as a
result of comments made here or elsewhere.


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