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Richard wrote,
>The two-speed generator can be troublesome and many were service
>with the standard mil 90A alternator and control panel. The intention was to
>provide some reasonable battery charge whilst moving very slowly in the
>reconnaissance role.
>The two-speed generator has a gearbox fed from a restricted engine supply,
>whilst standing the gearbox can drain and it may take some time to
>a supply.

I should add that many of the MK-1 Ferrets in the states were ex
Canadian Army units. The Canadians removed the two speed, oil cooled
generators and large electrical boxes with US type (M-151-A2) 65 amp
alternators and a smaller power distribution box. The oil lines to the
former generator were plugged.

If you have a British Ferret/Saladin/Saracen note the following or look
for a new generator!! When the vehicle sits for a long period of time you
MUST "oil up" the generator. There is a bolt on the generator that you
remove and then using a small funnel, put about a 1/4 ounce of engine oil
in. Failure to do so may result in damage to the generator bearings.
It's in the manual that your have read and memorized, right? Oh
yea.......put the bolt back and DO NOT drop it. Always empty your shirt
pockets when working on these vehicles. I have a nice collection of pens on
the bottom of the engine bay on my Saladin!
Speaking of dropped bolts........ If you check the fluid level in your
Ferret's torque converter (flywheel) and you drop the inspection nut in the
housing, you will have to pull the motor to get it out! Use the special
tool in your tool kit or use rags stuffed around the opening to keep this
from happening.
If you don't have this tool, contact me off list and I'll give you a
friend of mine's address who reproduces them.

More Ferret trivia,
If your Ferret has yellow painted bevel boxes and you have
wondered why.........The yellow paint shows that the unit has had the
updated and improved bevel gear sets installed.

In closing let me give you new Ferret owners some VERY important
advice. This was told to me over several pints in a pub by a British Army
(former) Ferret driver. He held up his hand showing me a missing finger
and asked me "do you know what this is? This is a case of Ferret Finger!
Keep your hands away from those bloody hatch openings!" I remember his
advice every time I close a hatch! (and I have the scar to prove it)

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