[MV] Amphibious Gamma Goats

Daniel Terp (dterp@tallcity.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 23:46:58 GMT

We were talking about amphibious vehicles, and someone mentioned that
the M561 Gamma Goat was amphibious.=20

This has always confused me as I've never seen anything that looks
less like a boat than an M561. DUKWs, GPAs and LARCs all have that
boat-with-wheels look, but the M561 doesn't look the least bit

One of my friends postulated that the amphibious capability may be
more of an "extended fording" thing, able to cross small streams and
ponds and such, but not lakes.=20

Even if it floats, with no prop and just the wheels for propulsion I
expect the going would be painfully slow. And there's so little
freeboard, it would certainly be a calm water thing.=20

Is there anyone out there with first hand knowledge of the Gamma Goat
that can provide more info on just how amphibious it is?=20

(interestingly, Thomas Berndt's "Standard catalog of U.S. military
vehicles" says it's amphibious, but lists it with 1.5 ton trucks, not
in the amphibious section)

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