Re: [MV] DRMO Auctions--The End?????

Michael Howell (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 19:47:39 -0500

The last time I went to the Huntsville, Alabama DRMO, one of the outside
fenced in lots had stuff in it that was suppose to be some kind of private
sale. The stuff had been in it for several months because I had been
watching some shipping and storage containers inside the lot. I didn't pay
too much attention to it because my time was limited. The staff person said
something about certain categories that went private. I wonder if this is
how they plan to handle the stuff that isn't worth transporting? But then,
what is the point?


Dave Cole wrote:

> I think that there are some big problems with a single middleman coming
> into the fold.
> First, some of the equipment being sold is not easily transported.

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