Re: [MV] Amphibious Gamma Goats

jonathon (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 22:10:31 -0500

>Is there anyone out there with first hand knowledge of the Gamma Goat
>that can provide more info on just how amphibious it is?

They do float and they will propel themselves via the tires but if you don't
have some weight in the back they can do a nose dive and as you said they
have very little freeboard so they won't take much as far as entry angle or
waves etc.

The M113 also is floatable. I had a video of one of ours going into a river
and sinking however, what a mess! Looks like if the entry speed is low and
the waves are small or zero and the hull is well balanced, it will work but
it's no boat! Also might help for the drivers hatch to be closed!

The M548 also floats but we never even tried it as we had so much weight in
back from the environmental enclosure and all the electronics that are
stuffed into it. Would have made for a great video however.


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