[MV] Jeep Wheels

Rice, James MAJ (RiceJ@doimex2.sill.army.mil)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 13:38:58 -0500

Knowledgeable Jeepmasters,

I was rooting around in my shop at lunchtime today realized the four wheels
on the CJ-2A I am parting out do not match. Two are real, 16 inch VENTED
(for lack of a better term) wheels. In other words, the entire
circumference of center disk isn't attached to the inner portion of the rim.
There are four "slots" if you will around the perimeter.

The other two are completely solid. I know the early MBs and think most of
the prototypes used this type wheel arrangement. Did M38s and M38A1s use
the solid or vented rim?

Any ideas?


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