[MV] Re: Ingesting Corvus brachyrhynchos RE: "Some interesting correspondence ... "thread

JOHN SEIDTS (john@astory.com)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 14:32:53 -0400

What was said by Ron was well said. However, I disagree with his assertion
that it is the "right" of the organization to eliminate links from its list
arbitrarily, and only due to the remarks of some one associated with that
site so "de-linkified."

If the MVPA is truly an organization dedicated to the preservation and
restoration of military vehicles, then it should seek to expand its website
to reflect those goals, including links to websites such as www.astory.com
I could see their point in removing the website from links if anywhere on
the website were found disparaging remarks, or prominent banners urging
people to not join the MVPA. You won't find any of that on www.astory.com.
What you will find is a site in part dedicated to the private ownership of
military vehicles, which is, hopefully, what the MVPA wishes to promulgate.

And having been properly chastised by Jerry Cleveland and others for having
made my remarks, which I will admit were less objective about the leadership
of the MVPA than they could have been, I am now going to join the MVPA, as a
private member. So I can really say what I want to say...

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