[MV] Crow, flocks, recipies....MVs

James Burrill (jburrill@dttus.com)
26 Oct 1999 23:04:47 -0500

Ok, I got to toss in my 2 shillings worth.

I AM a MVPA member. Still think the organization is worth being a part

I must say though, that there is validity to someone NOT joining what
must surely be the most important organization for someone who
collects HMVs.

Here is my point: If someone who should be a member refuses to join
because they feel something is wrong, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG!

While it is certainly true that you can't affect the club through it's
bylaws without being a voting member, you can certainly affect the
club through comments and positions while not being a member. And this
may not be a bad thing.

Think about it. If the Powers That Be in the club acknowledge that
there are potential members who won't join up because they don't like
what they see, I would think the PTB would re-evaluate the situation.

I think, in a sense, that being involved in the HMV hobby, regardless
of what club you are in, makes you a "member" of the community as a
whole. And therefore you DO have a right to comment upon problems. At
least these people are DOING something to raise an issue that adversly
effects the hobby as a whole. How many other members are on the list
and don't get involved? or what are the numbers of MVPA members who
are NOT on the list and never hear of these problems? You don't read
about it in the SUPPLY LINE or ARMY MOTORS do you? If a chapter
newsletter doesn't have an article or three about these issues, WHERE

Just think how many MVPA members are clueless about the BOD or the
election problems?

Food for thought, eh?


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