[MV] WWII Lightbulbs

Wed, 27 Oct 1999 19:28:09 EDT

I have inherited quantities of the following items and would like assistance
identifying them. I am offering them for sale. They are in original military

Lamp, Blackout Marker, Fender Mounted, FSN 8-L480, G.L, 917084, B-406 (this
is the entire blackout lamp Assy. Armored car???? with bulb)

Lamp, electric, headlight,21-32CP.,6-8V, DC
Official Stock # G523-01-27853
Mfg No. HRD-35
Harley Davidson Motorcycle (There are 10 per pack)
Individual bulbs say GE Mazda

Ring & Spring Assy.
Ord Part # B-226429, Guide Lamp Part # 5934457
Guide Lamp Division General Motors Corp, Anderson Indiana.
(these are rings only for some sort of lamp.)

Thank You ,

Keith Buckley

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