Re: [MV] Jeep Wheel Photos

Todd Paisley (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 20:17:44 -0400

> For those interested in the solid disk wheels, I've posted some photos at:

Looked at the photos. The solid rim is a civilian Jeep rim that was used
on the early CJ-2As. It is wider than the MA/slat grille MB/GP/Bantam solid
rims of the period. It also appears to be a Motorwheel built rim rather
than the Kelsey-Hayes rim. (The rear of the wheel appears to have a sloped
back which is a dead giveaway that this is a MW rim. The KH rim had the
more squared off back like the slotted rim in your photo.)

It was common on the early CJ-2As to see combinations of KH and MW rims on
the same vehicle. There are quite a few period and factory photos that show
this. Apparently W-O was having difficulties receiving KH rims in the
volume they required so MW was the alternate supplier. MW also was the
alternate supplier of brake drums and hubs for the CJ-2A, but it was stated
in the Bill of Material that all the hubs and drums on the vehicle had to
match. There was no such requirement for the rims.

So, the rims you have are indeed CJ-2A rims and would work if you were not
picky but would not be correct on a military vehicle.

Todd Paisley

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